Photovoltaic panels Framing

Double molding equipment
15 February 2016

Up to size 2000 x 1000 mm The machine consists of a carpentry bench steel welded and worked. It is equipped with four separate sliding carriages on recirculating ball bushings. Each carriage has the following features – Adjustable to the panel’s size – Reference for centering pneumatically retractable panel automatically – support for panel to guarantee the linearity and profile matching with the frame – Reference for the side of the frame and its locking which ensures the work piece stability during the progress insertion. The carriages are fixed on the sliding rods with appropriate fixing ranging loose every time you want to make an adjustment.The carriages run in an alternative way, first to insert the long side of the frame and then to the short one. In the lower side of the machine are present push roads with plastic supporting balls that support the central part of the panel during the working phase and act as extractor lifting the finished panel to the end of the production cycle. The machine’s functions are managed by PLC logic.