Terms of sale

Terms of sale Below are listed the Hydra srl sale’s conditions.
Contract In order to make a purchase you must be of legal age. Purchases made on site www.hydra srl.net, although not expressly provided in these conditions of purchase are protected by Legislative Decree 185 of 22 May 1999 on the consumers protection in respect of distance contracts.
Seller The products seller presented on the site is HYDRA S.R.L. Via Campi, 5-83020 – Contrada (AV) – ITALY P. IVA / CF: 02426340648.
Products The technical characteristics of the products are present within the website and are supplied directly from the producer. HYDRA S.R.L. disclaims any responsibility for any inaccuracy or partial failures of product specifications or documentation, however, is committed to provide the information in the most possible correct way. The main features are not committed and may subject to change by the producer without notice, we will try to update them in the shortest possible time. If, on receipt of goods, you noticed differences in their characteristics by us, please let us know so we can update files and specifications.

Product prices and shipping cost
All indicated prices are inclusive of VAT and all other taxes. The shipping costs are specified separately. The price to be billed will be what is displayed within the product page excluding shipping costs (if present). The same price will be communicated at the end of the purchasing process, and with e-mail message.


Price changes on products and shipping costs will be displayed on the website and will be effective only when they’ll be truly displayed.


Products availability and acceptance of orders
At completed purchase the customer will receive an e-mail of  “order confirmation receipt.”
We invite you to print and keep this e-mail.
If you do not receive it, the consumer is asked to contact HYDRA S.R.L. as soon as possible.


In case it is impossible to handle the order partially or totally, the customer will be advised immediately by HYDRA S.R.L. and he will decide whether to wait or cancel the order being refund in case he has already paid the fee.
Inside each product you will find if the product is available by lettering “Product available” or if its availability is to check, with the lettering  “Check availability”, this reporting is not binding in any case, but you will always be contacted for confirmation.


HYDRA S.R.L. will deliver the purchased products by courier in about 7 working days (times may vary upwards or downwards depending on the shipping location).
Delivery takes place from Monday to Friday in the normal working hours.


The customer will be notified by e-mail of delivery, so that he could be at home to receive it, will be customer’s responsibility to leave a valid telephone number to be contacted. The consumer is invited to contact us in case of late delivery or any disservice.
Will be processed uncomfortable locations too, but for delivery times and costs you must contact us in advance to get a quote.


How to behave to product delivery time
On delivery it is necessary to verify the package integrity, for example that is not wet or damaged and that respects the characteristics of a new and packed pack, unless otherwise specified; and that the packages number specified in the invoice is the same as those delivered.
Any objection must be reported immediately to the courier.


The bill, which will be produced at the same time, it should be preserved for the validity of the guarantee. The courier makes truck service: must be helped in the package unloading. It’ll be  customer’s responsibility to bring the product inside the house unless it is required when ordering,  the transport service with the porter service, agreeing upon an estimate of additional cost.


What to do in case of damage due to transport
If at the goods unloading time you’ll noticed an evident damage to the packaging, you should be signed a receipt with the words “subject to control.”
If the packaging is visibly damaged and the product is damaged is recommended to reject the goods.


Protection of confidentiality of personal data (art. 13, Decree Law 196/2003)
HYDRA S.R.L. informs that personal data provided by filling the order form or in any other way, shall be processed in accordance with art. 13, D. L. 196/2003.

These data are available to the consumer for verification, modification or deletion (asking HYDRA S.R.L. by e-mail) and for the exercise of any other right under art. 13, D. L. 196/2003. The data are entered into a Customer Master Archive at the first order or registration time. With reference to this data we inform you that the data collection and processing of consumer are necessary if you want to make an order of a product or to have access to particular services (in this case a consumer’s deny would make impossible the evasion or access to the service), whereas it is optional in all other cases. The consumer data will be processed in written form and on electronic, telemathic, magnetic and paper support; their treatment will be in accordance with contractual requirements, including payment operations, payment and delivery of products ordered, to fulfill obligations provided by law or ordered by the authorities and, by express authorization, for commercial and promotional information purposes and interactive market research.The consumers data won’t be shared, nor communicated/notified to third parties not employed by the HYDRA SRL, unless the necessary or appropriate subjects wich have to performing the HYDRA SRL contract activity: Banking Houses for the payments management and couriers for the transport, in the location indicated by the consumer, the products purchased, others providing activities and services necessary for the execution of the services that the consumer will have thought to ask or authorize to HYDRA SRL. Transaction Security
To guarantee the security of their payments made by credit card, HYDRA S.R.L. offers the service of payment by credit card through the international network of secure payments Paypal. Once defined the order and request the option for payment by credit card by Paypal (available for different credit cards), you will be automatically redirected to Paypal’s secure server where you will have to enter the order data received; fields to be filled in with the credit card number and its expiry; a button to return to the order cart, a button to confirm the payment. At this point you just fill in the blank fields and confirm the payment by sending, in an encrypted and therefore secure way, the card details to PayPal, which processes them (pending approval and accounting) and gives you an immediate response page on the outcome of the operation. The details of your credit card there will never be communicated, in fact these are received only to the banking houses that have to provide the authorization; and this is the outcome of which is transmitted to us.
Legislative Decree no. 21 of 21 February 2014 concerning the consumers protection in respect of distance contracts provides the possibility for the consumer to exercise the right of unconditional withdrawal.
The Right of withdrawal may be exercised within 15 working days from delivery through communication by mail or fax or letter. The goods must be returned to the following address: HYDRA S.R.L. Via Campi, 5-83020 – Contrada (AV) – ITALY. The costs of return are up to buyer responsibility, who can provide with its own financial resources and / or take advantage of favorable rates made available by our authorized couriers.
The withdrawal right means properly exercised under the following conditions: (1) The goods must not have been used and / or damaged (2) The goods must be returned in original packaging and complete with all the parts. The sums refund take immediately place after receiving and checking the goods, in net of possible of any return costs made by the client, if the conditions made are followed. If the goods were used, damaged, without the original packaging and / or received in part, it will not be made any kind of refund. However you can get back at your own expense, the products in the same state in which they were returned to our company in order to avoid the disposal of them.

All products presents on the site are guaranteed against manufacturing or material defect within the validity period. If a defect is found on the product purchased, the consumer can report the problem by calling or writing, or using the withdrawal right (within 10 days of receipt of goods).
This defect must be reported sending an e-mail to info@hydrasrl.net To respect the warranty will be necessary to keep the invoice purchase issued by Hydra Srl. The warranty is for 1 year unless otherwise specified at the purchase time.
The items for sale are guaranteed with technical assistance which is carried out in the following ways:
– Directly to the customer’s home by a technical specialist (will be required a fixed right to the technical outlay); – At the producer headquarters (the product will be withdrawn, settled and returned to the customer’s home free of charge).

1. Damages during the assembly of the product phase
2. Damages caused by improper use
3. Damages caused by bad maintenance
4. Any modification or tampering of the product
5. Components subject to wear (for example: conveyor belt, drive belt)